Having gained experience in other faucets and fittings’ factories, located in the area of San Maurizio d’Opaglio, Giuseppe Pettinaroli decides to start his own enterprise, with the financial support of his father Giulio. Beside his parents’ house, in a 250 square-meter field of the Pianelli moorland, Giuseppe lays down the first stone of what will become a real industrial empire. Together with his brother, Mario, the young entrepreneur sets a small workshop, he gets a turret lathe and starts his business, producing small faucets for gas.


During WWII, Giuseppe and Mario are sent to the front.


Once the global conflict is over, the business starts over again with renewed vigor. The two brothers open a foundry department and hire the first few workers. The current President of the company, Laura Fortis (who will later become Giuseppe’s wife), is employed as the very first office clerk: influenced by the great enthusiasm of the Pettinaroli brothers, she immediately feels involved in the adventure.


At the turn of the year, Fratelli Pettinaroli has a workforce of roughly 80 people.


The company begins to sell its valves in the American market. From 1968 onwards, it embarks on the “Soviet adventure”, signing up yearly supply contracts with the Russian ministry.


The production plant is expanded. In March 1970, Fratelli Pettinaroli officially opens the new factory, taking up 10.000 square meters of covered facilities, out of an area of 40.000 square meters. Gradually, Ugo and Maria Pia (Mario’s children) start working for the company.


Pettinaroli gains the license to produce according to the British quality-control certification “B.S.I.”. It becomes the first European company, outside the UK, to be awarded with such a recognition for the manufacturing of water, heating, gas and steam valves.


In the early Eighties, Fratelli Pettinaroli operates in a building complex of about 120.000 square meters. Giulio (Mario’s youngest son) is employed in the company.


Having worked for years as an external supplier, TSM Galvanocromo S.r.l., located in Gozzano, is acquired by Pettinaroli.


Fratelli Pettinaroli celebrates its 50th anniversary. Half a century of unfaltering activity as one of the most important players in a technologically-advanced industry, encompassing all of the European and Extra European markets. During the same year, the company obtains the European certification BS 5750: part 2/1987, corresponding to the new European regulation EN 29002-1987. In 1990 B.S.I. awards Pettinaroli with the Registered Firm ISO 9001 certification, that will become VISION 2000 in year 2004.


The roofed area gets expanded of 10.000 square meters; over 15 billions Italian liras are invested into new technologies. Fratelli Pettinaroli starts a process of progressive internationalization: foreign logistic centers are created in order to manage the distribution of its products worldwide. Pettinaroli becomes a Group.


The firm celebrates its 60th anniversary and publishes “Like an adventure”, a book of its long history.


The Founder Giuseppe Pettinaroli never loses his determination, enthusiasm and vision: he holds the leadership of the company until the very last day of his life. He passes away on January 23rd 2001, at the age of 85.


Official opening of the new Scandinavian facilities of Pettinaroli A/S, in Middelfart (Denmark), serving 17 Northern Europe national markets.


Acquisition and 100% control of Pettinaroli S.A.S., located in Carmaux (France), which serves the French and Spanish markets.
Moreover, in April 2004, Fratelli Pettinaroli is one of the few companies in its field to obtain the certification BS EN ISO 14001: 1996. Pettinaroli’s production is also certified by 27 international labs. Such an achievement represents a testimony of the company’s great attention and reliability in providing high-quality goods on the global market.


Grand opening of the new American warehouse Jomar North America Logistic Center, moved from Royal Oak to the city of Warren - Michigan (USA).


During the same year of the company’s 70th anniversary, after a lifetime of dedication and hard work, the founder Mario Pettinaroli passes away at 87 years of age.


Fratelli Pettinaroli S.p.A. officially launches its new series of automatic balancing valves, EvoPICV, which will gradually become the company’s new core business.


The Pettinaroli Museum is opened, as the tangible testimony of 75 years of history and traditions.


In Dubai financial center (UAE), Fratelli Pettinaroli S.p.A. inaugurates a technical-commercial desk, in order to serve the different markets of the Gulf area.