Pettinaroli UK 0X7 Series Xterminator compact terminal valve assembly. Features a 70 mm centre to centre by-pass. Flow & return Isolation Valves. 93 series EVOPICV short stroke control valve & flushing drain mounted in the return. With Terminator venturi flow measurement device mounted in the flow. As standard the unit features 1” BSP female coil side connection & 1 1/8” male flat face mains side suitable for use with our fitting kit ranges detailed seperately. 

Technical Data

Base Code Size PICCV Type min. Flow Rates (l/s) max. Flow Rates (l/s) Venturi Size mm Kvs PICCV Min ΔP Assembly Min ΔP
0X7C1RxG0 1" L 0,061 0,549 12 na na na