Pettinaroli UK Academy 2023 course programme started

Pettinaroli UK welcomed its first trainees at the newly opened Pettinaroli Academy.



The combination of theory, calculations, and hands practical training of water distribution systems was considered by those attending as the right mix and level to give the ultimate learning experience.

The course spread over two days gave the opportunity to learn, practice and understand how Water Systems are design, balanced and checked.
The basic course designed for those who have little or no knowledge of water in pipes, starts with the theory and continues you the opportunity all the way to the skills to do basic problem solving.

Ander Martinez, who was among the participants, said about the course: “Very useful training course, with a fantastic teacher, where you get the confidence to calculate the pipe and PICV valve sizes and how to commission the system on an impressive simulation of a two bedroom + living room flat. The hands-on practical side of the training, combined with the knowledge and experience of the trainer (Martin Lowe), was great to learn fault finding skills, as he was able to recreate issues that occur frequently on actual sites.

The courses will now continue with upcoming dates.
Check the calendar now for the next scheduled sessions!